Office of Corporate IT Services

The Office of Corporate Information Technology Services (IC) provides enterprise solutions for GSA’s Corporate information technology (IT) Systems portfolio. The organization’s leadership advises GSA’s Service and Staff Offices on IT tools that support and enhance GSA’s enterprise functions. Corporate IT Services focuses on the delivery of innovative IT platforms, services, and solutions for the GSA IT enterprise. There are 4 divisions within the Office of Corporate IT Services.

The Corporate Support Division (ICC) delivers customer service to GSA corporate applications users as well as manages acquisitions, interagency agreements and quarterly billing; ICC also supports enterprise engagement and change management; and coordinates corporate services programs and initiatives.

Our key functions include:

  • Customer Service and Access Control for corporate applications
  • External Client Intake and CXO Liaison Support
  • Enterprise engagement and corporate change management
  • Corporate IT Services program analysis and coordination
  • Enterprise Data Calls and Corporate IT Service Organization Metrics
  • and cloud hosting
  • Enterprise document Management System (EDMS)
  • Digital Signature Solution (DSS)

The Enterprise Platform Solutions Division (ICP) drives faster delivery for cloud solutions through, collaboration and transparency and control.

Our key functions include:

  • Platform Strategy and Governance
  • Project Management
  • Agile Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cloud IT Solutions
  • Continuous Development (DevOps)

The Human Resources & Payroll Services Division (ICS) provides expertise in the operation of efficient, reliable and secure applications; modernization and rationalization of IT systems; and payroll and HR shared services.

Our key functions include:

  • Project Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Development, Modernization & Enhancements
  • Payroll and HR Shared Services
  • Systems Transformation and Migrations
  • IT Solutions & Process Improvement

The Enterprise Systems Support Division (ICE) maximizes system availability by providing operations and customer support for Google G Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.), platforms (Salesforce, Slack, Smartsheet), applications (Salesforce, BookIT, Listserv, eFax), websites (InSite, blogs), and various web services.

Our key functions include:

  • Operations and maintenance support for platforms and applications
  • Case management for customer support
  • Capacity management for licensing compliance
  • eDiscovery support for FOIA, Legal, OIG and OCA
Last Reviewed: 2018-11-13