DSS eSignLive

eSignLive is GSA's Digital Signature Solution (DSS), which allows counterparties to sign GSA documents quickly and easily. Using digital signatures saves time, effort, and money, and provides the flexibility to sign electronically from a computer or other device. Now instead of printing paper copies, signing by hand, scanning and uploading the signed version, and emailing a digital format, eSignLive allows users to electronically sign and save signatures with ease.

GSA uses eSignLive’s FedRAMP compliant product which meets federal security standards. In the future GSA will switch all our eSignLive related notifications to a GSA.gov email address to help simplify the signing experience.

Read GSA's digital signing consent policy on ESign Disclosures and Consent. [PDF - 46 KB]

Please email the sender with any questions or concerns.

Common Terms Associated with Digital Signatures

Package: A digital parcel containing documents that need to be digitally signed as well as identifying the signers.

Transaction: A document package that includes signature fields and requirements such as authentication type and signing order.

Sender: An individual who creates a transaction and sends it as a package to specific signers to be electronically signed.

Signer: An individual who receives and electronically signs the documents in a package. The act of signing calls attention to the legal significance of the act, preventing inconsiderate engagements.

For Signers Outside GSA - DSS eSignLive

Sign a Package after Receiving an Email Notification

  1. You will receive an email indicating that the sender (the owner of a digital document) has added you as a signer. In the email body, select the button or link labeled 'Click here' (or Click the Link Below) to launch the package for signing.
    An image of the screenshot showing an email indicating that the sender has added a person as a signer.

Launch the Package for Signing

  1. The document will now display. Review and sign the document by selecting the field with the phrase Click to Sign.
    eSignLive view of signing a sample document. Includes the Click to Sign button and the flags that mark any places for signer action.

  1. A Confirm Signatures message box will display. Select the Ok button to confirm and apply your signature.
    Image of screenshot showing eSignlive Confirm Signatures dialog box with Cancel and OK buttons. The OK button is active by default.
  1. After the last signature is collected, the document signing process is complete. A link to download the signed package will be sent to everyone named in the package.

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