Enterprise Architecture, Policy and Planning

The Enterprise Architecture, Policy and Planning Division provides business-focused IT support for GSA customers and consulting services to understand strategic plans and ensure integration with enterprise requirements and capabilities.

Our Vision: To be a strategic partner that provides value through insight to help our customers make decisions.

Our Mission: We focus on strengthening business operations and strategy so our customers can focus on their missions.

Our team capabilities include:

To stay updated on EA data and activities please visit us at ea.gsa.gov.

Enterprise Architecture Awards

The EA Team has won numerous awards:

  • Global Architecture Award of Excellence (from ICMG 2016): "Application Rationalization and Agile Enterprise Architecture" is the winner in the category IT Landscape Rationalization.
  • Excellence in Enterprise Architecture (from GOVEA 2015): GSA's application rationalization project trimmed 33 applications from the agency's portfolio and produced over a 1,300 percent return on investment.
  • IT Landscape Rationalization (from ICMG 2015) (from ICMG 2015): A business-focused, data-driven approach to rationalizing IT applications.
  • Architecture Governance 2014 - Transformation and Planning (from ICMG 2015): Enabling business decisions through Enterprise Architecture Governance.

Enterprise Architecture Program Management and Governance

In response to the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance, GSA Order 2110.4 CIO GSA Enterprise Architecture Policy provides direction and guidance for the Enterprise Architecture program. GSA's Chief Enterprise Architect leads the Enterprise Architecture, Policy and Planning Division, which coordinates updates to the Enterprise Architecture with organizations across GSA.

Last Reviewed: 2020-02-06