GSA 508 Tutorials, Guidance, Checklists

The guides and tutorials listed here are intended to provide methods and instructions to guide you in making your content accessible and Section 508 compliant.

Word Documents | PowerPoint Presentations | Excel Spreadsheets | PDF files | Websites | Multimedia | Tablets, Mobile Phones and Applications | Windows 7, Office 2007, and IE9 | Miscellaneous | 508 Guidance and Resources

  1. How to Create Accessible Word Documents
  2. How to Create Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

    Video: How to Add Alternative Text to Your Document
    Read the transcript [DOCX - 25 KB]

    Video: How to Add a Title Header to your Document

  3. How to Create Accessible Excel Spreadsheets
  4. How to Create Accessible PDF files using Adobe and Nuance
  5. Accessibility for Websites
  6. Accessibility for Multimedia
  7. Accessibility and Mobility: Tablets, mobile phones and applications
  8. Accessibility for Windows 7, Office 2007, and IE9
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Federal Agency 508 Guidance Resources

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