As the federal government's premier acquisition and workplace solution agency, GSA is committed to designing and delivering workplaces that maximize your long-term economic and strategic value. GSA's Workspace Requirements Development Process (RDP) provides tools, guidance and consultant help that goes beyond delivering traditional office design. Current workplaces are often a poor fit for changes made to organization, initiatives, technologies and staff. Traditional workplace planning that focuses on data does not solve problems that ultimately benefit the organization. RDP is a process that GSA uses to understand the customer's business, employee work patterns, constraints, and mission before the design process begins.

RDP deploys innovative tools and methods to learn an organization's mission, goals and workplace needs before attempting to design for it. RDP is analogous to a tailor who creates a good fit through accurate measurement. The tools are scaled to the level of employee engagement that the client organization deems appropriate and can be designed to be minimally intrusive as the client goes about its mission. As a result, RDP is a customer-driven process which adds real value to real estate.

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