Building Access

There are two entrances to the building; one at the east side on 16th Street and the main entrance on the west side on Centennial Mall. Building employees are required to present a photo I.D. to the Court Security Officers and proceed through screening. Presently, there is not an employee entrance to the building, so employees and visiting public are screened similarly.

After Hours Access

Employees can access the building after hours at the east and west entrances by using an access card. Employees are issued access cards based on an individual’s needs and authorization by an approving official.

Building Access Cards

Report any lost or stolen cards immediately to the GSA Property Management Office. Issuance of building access cards or programming of HSPD-12 cards may be done by appointment only. Contact Sarah Kejick at or 402.221.4725.

If you need an electronic access card, download the request form [PDF - 157 KB], have your supervisor sign it, and submit for processing and approval.

Building Keys

GSA will issue keys to each agency upon occupancy of the premises. Contact the GSA Property Management Office for additional keys.

Locks and Emergency Access

If you change the locks to your suite/room or install an internal security system, a copy of the key or access codes must be provided to the Building Manager in order to allow appropriate personnel entry into your area in the event of an emergency.

If this is not acceptable, the alternative is to provide the Building Manager with a point of contact (name and after hours phone number) and at least two alternates should we need access into your agency’s space.

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