IT Products and Services - CONUS

Agencies can count on GSA for IT Solutions. Call GSA - using the contact information on the upper right side of this page - to inquire about any telecommunications product or service.

Value-Added Services:

  • Consultation services in developing and locating required items
  • Acquire best value for the requirement
  • Timely order processing
  • Acceptance of a variety of federal agency funding documents
  • Payment of the industry partner invoices
  • Provide contracting expertise to fulfill requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • Assistance to ensure that IT requirements meet various federal regulations (such as Section 508 accessibility)
  • Manage vendor performance

IT acquisition specialists can obtain the best value for federal agency clients. FAS-assisted procurement services are provided in the continental United States, using existing GSA schedule contracts, 8(a) set-asides, and a host of other available governmentwide acquisition contracts to procure hardware, software, and services.

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