Vehicles and Fleet Service

GSA Fleet small SUV wrapped in an american flag graphic advertising vehicle sales.GSA Fleet has provided federal agencies quality vehicles and cost effective fleet management services since 1954. We proudly support more than 75 federal agencies on a cost reimbursable basis, which makes it possible to offer a diverse fleet at competitive, all-inclusive rates.

To obtaining a GSA Fleet vehicle, contact GSA Fleet Technical Support.

Need to lease a commercial rental vehicle for a short time?

GSA's Short Term Rentals (STR) program supplies vehicles and equipment to all federal agencies to fulfill short term and temporary needs. GSA handles the procurement, so you can quickly obtain the resources you need to complete your mission. For seasonal work, special events, or surge requirement -- the STR program has the vehicles and equipment to meet your needs.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs)

GSA Fleet offers a wide variety of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) to assist in meeting Federal sustainability requirements. GSA has the second largest AFV fleet in the United States, and currently more than 80,000 AFVs in its inventory. View the Department of Energy's Alternative Fuel Station Locator to find an alternative fuel station near you.

Accident Management Center (AMC)

The Accident Management Center (AMC) provides GSA Fleet drivers with one-stop service for reporting accidents and incidents, coordinating vehicle repairs, and initiating third party claims. In the event of a vehicle accident or mishap, drivers are required to submit a Motor Vehicle Accident Report (SF91) within five business days.

Authorization for unscheduled repairs or services valued at more than $100, or for any tire and battery replacement regardless of cost, is provided through the AMC's maintenance control center.

Customers may reach GSA's Accident Management Center by phone at (866) 400-0411. For assistance after hours or during emergencies, call 866-WEX-4GSA (Wright Express) or 800-621-3588 (Voyager). Roadside Assistance is also available.

The AMC is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., eastern time.

Vehicle Sales

Agencies that prefer to purchase a vehicle, including Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs), can do so through GSA Auto Choice.

The public can purchase used government fleet vehicles through GSA AutoAuctions, and other vehicles are available through GSA Auctions.

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