Foreign Affairs Security Training Center Phase 1 Construction Completed

GSA has been leading a multi-phase construction project for the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) in Nottoway County, VA. FASTC consolidates existing dispersed hard skills security training functions to provide effective, efficient training specifically designed to enable foreign affairs personnel to operate in today’s perilous overseas environment. Hard skills training allows the foreign affairs community to learn how to detect surveillance, provide emergency medical care, increase identification skills to recognize improvised explosive devices (IED), participate in firearms familiarization, and perform defensive/counterterrorist driving maneuvers. Such training improves security and life safety for the protection of U.S. personnel operating abroad.

This project is being completed through three construction phases. GSA awarded Hensel Phelps of Chantilly, VA, as the construction contractor for Phase 1. Construction for Phase 1 began on February 25, 2016, and reached substantial completion on April 7, 2017. The following FASTC hard-skills training venues were completed through this phase:

  • Mock Urban Tactical Training
  • Rappel Tower
  • Smoke House
  • Static Training Device Pad
  • Tactical Maze
  • Explosives Demonstration Range
  • Live Fire Shoot House

During this summer, DOS will begin limited FASTC Training curriculum in these brand new venues for their student population.

DOS FASTC Project Director, Chuck Raderstorf, said, “The FASTC hard-skills training venues completed during Phase 1 have met our agency’s requirements and we look forward to seeing the remaining training venues being completed.”

In August 2016, GSA awarded Phase 2 Construction to M.A. Mortenson Construction Company of Minneapolis, MN, and construction is currently 20% complete. The six hard-skill training venues being built through Phase 2 are:

  • Mock Embassy
  • Tactical Training Building
  • Administrative and Classroom Building
  • Two High Speed Anti-Terrorism Driving Courses
  • Unimproved Road Course
  • Post-Blast Training Range

Additionally, a Containerized Shooting Range will be placed on Site. Lastly, this phase includes constructing two support facilities: Vehicle Maintenance Shop and a Central Ammunition and Explosive Storage.

Chuck Raderstorf says, “We appreciate our partnership with GSA in helping the State Department bring the FASTC concept to reality and improving our training program for all our students.”

Phase 3 Construction will be awarded later in 2017. Substantial completion for entire project and full operations are anticipated in 2019.

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