From the Desk of Joanna Rosato

Photo of Joanna RosatoOur GSA project managers lead integrated project teams to ensure our clients’ needs are met and expected outcomes achieved. It’s rewarding to see our planning come to fruition in ways that advance the mission of our federal partners. We’re excited to have reached a major milestone in the construction of the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Foreign Affairs Security Training Center in Nottoway County, Virginia. In this Focus edition, I invite you to read about the new DOS hard-skills training venues. These facilities help DOS provide effective, efficient training specifically designed to enable foreign affairs personnel to operate in a dangerous overseas environment.

We take pride in having trained, skilled, experienced project managers to lead these important federal projects, and invest in their continuous development through programs such as the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM). We discuss our commitment to FAC-P/PM certification in this edition, and highlight two GSA professionals who recently achieved Senior-level FAC-P/PM certification.

We’re always searching for better ways to meet your needs and expectations, including simplifying and streamlining our processes and systems. In May 2017, the Public Buildings Service announced new digital features for our Reimbursable Work Authorization (RWA) intake process, managed through the external RWA Entry and Tracking Application (eRETA). Explore how these eRETA enhancements make it easier for you to do business with GSA.

GSA also recently hosted a national Reverse Industry Event where our industry partners shared their perspectives on our acquisition process, along with suggested areas for improvement. Cultivating these relationships and engaging in these exchanges foster better acquisition outcomes for both government and industry.

Our Office of Personal Property Management is here to help make personal property disposal easier for federal agencies. Regardless of the quantity, condition or type of personal property in need of disposal, we’ve put the information and resources you need at your fingertips.

Our Green Proving Ground continues to evaluate next-generation building technologies in real-world operational settings, enabling GSA to make sound investment decisions in our federal portfolio. Read about our recently published findings on Low Emissions Window Film, and how its application can improve comfort while reducing heating and cooling energy use by 29%.

Investing in our future requires a commitment to investing in our employees and developing competencies required for future leadership. In our Summer edition, you can learn more about GSA’s Executive Leadership Program and our most recent graduates. This Program provides participants the opportunity to build the skills, knowledge and behaviors required to meet current and future business challenges.

Collaborating with clients and industry, with an eye toward continuously developing our expertise, we are committed to delivering federal workplace solutions that provide the best value for the government and the American people.

Joanna Rosato
Regional Commissioner
Public Buildings Service
GSA Mid-Atlantic Region

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