Investing in Leadership Development to Build a Stronger GSA

We are excited to introduce the most recent graduates of our Executive Leadership Program (above, left to right): Project Manager Scott Gernerd, Electrical Engineer Steve Dunn, and Procurement Analyst Jesse Cohen.

One of GSA’s key priorities is “Building a Stronger GSA.” We are committed to investing in our employees and developing competencies required for future leadership. GSA’s Executive Leadership Program provides participants the opportunity to build the skills, knowledge and behaviors required to meet current and future business challenges.

The leadership training program is designed to foster employee development at different grade levels, providing future and current leaders with the skills and development opportunities they require to meet our Agency’s evolving needs. The nine-month curriculum has an emphasis on leading people, focusing on competencies such as team building, conflict management, external awareness, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, mentoring and coaching.

Our graduates were recognized on June 9 at ceremony held in Towson, Maryland.

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