Property Description

The Cotton Annex is an iconic 118,450 square foot office building, on a 1.41 acre site in the Federal Triangle South submarket of Washington, DC. The building was constructed in 1937 for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to grade and sort cotton, tobacco and other goods. The six story building contains open and office space in a rectangular footprint. The historically significant exterior was designed by Louis Simon and the building was approved to be on the National Register of Historic Places in 2015.

The Cotton Annex building features a buff colored brick exterior with minimal ornamentation and is representative of “Stripped Classicism” similar to the Central Heating Plant and U.S. Department of Agriculture South building. The floorplates feature long corridors with open mezzanine space in the center, high ceilings and excellent views of the National Mall.

Two elevators serve the six floors plus basement plus three stairwells. There is loading in the rear of the building. No underground parking is provided.

Reference Documents

Cotton Annex Industry Day Presentation [PDF - 4 MB]

Industry Day Registration and Attendance [PDF - 82 KB]

Cotton Annex Zoning Map [JPG - 125 KB]

map illustration of Cotton Annex.

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