Historic Preservation

Image of Webster School exterior.The District of Columbia Historic Preservation Review Board designated the Webster School building a local historic landmark in February 1999. This was due to several factors: the building is a good representative example of the larger red brick schools built by the Office of the Building Inspector during the late nineteenth century; it was the home of the Americanization School during that institution’s most significant period; and Webster School was one of the last public schools remaining in downtown Washington, providing physical evidence of the residential neighborhoods and ethnic groups that were once an important part of the downtown community. One of the primary uses of the Webster School in the 20th century was to teach recent immigrants to the U.S. basic American history and government as part of the Americanization Movement to help newly arrived immigrants more quickly assimilate into American society.

GSA has determined that the Webster School is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Any development will be required to comply with a covenant ensuring protection of the historic building by application of the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation. Development of the property will be further subject to review and approval by the DC Historic Preservation Office (and other DC requirements).

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