Public Buildings Service (PBS) Key Contacts

PBS Key Staff Name/Phone Number
PBS Regional Commissioner Lisa Pearson (Acting)
(253) 931-7000
Executive Officer Anne Weigle
(253) 931-7233
Client Planning Director & Regional Customer Service Delivery Officer Peter S. Gray
(253) 931-7356
Office of Client Solutions - Agencies Served Name/Phone Number
Department of Agriculture
Department of Energy
Department of Interior
Kate Betz
(253) 931-7502
Department of State
Department of Transportation
Department of Veterans Affairs
Environmental Protection Agency
General Services Administration
Housing & Urban Development
National Archives & Records Administration
Social Security Administration
U.S. Postal Service
Richard E. Baker
(253) 931-7299
Corps of Engineers
Department of Defense
Department of Homeland Security
Melissa Hager
(253) 931-7270
Department of Commerce
Department of Labor
Department of Treasury
Small Business Administration
Marcy Pallotta
(253) 931-7678
Judicial Branch
Department of Justice
U.S. Tax Court
Kaylynn Smartt
(253) 931-7947
Legislative Branch
Denise Boyd
(253) 931-7126
All other Agencies Peter Gray
(253) 931-7356

Property Management Services
Customers in federally owned and leased facilities in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon,and Washington can depend on GSA for a full range of building and property services. For any facility-related questions, concerns or requests, please visit the Property Management Services page to contact the appropriate office.

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