Sustainability in Action

Here are some sustainable actions you can take:

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Encompassing four of the sunniest states in the nation with local and federal commitments to energy efficiency, clean power and greening the supply chain, our region is at the forefront in implementing the Federal Government’s sustainability plan.

In the five focus areas of our sustainability plan we are:


Generating enough clean power through photovoltaic solar arrays and other renewable technologies to light up the city of Berkeley (population 116,768).

Pursuing LEED® Certification for owned buildings within our region with 13 to date and additional buildings targeted.

Lowering operating costs by 19%, energy use by 25%, and carbon dioxide emissions by 36% in our high-performance green buildings while boosting occupant satisfaction by 27%.

Leveraging our real estate portfolio to evaluate innovative sustainable building technologies in the Green Proving Ground, the Pacific Rim Region is doing its part to drive innovation in environmental performance in federal buildings and help lead market transformation through the deployment of these and other new technologies:

  • Non-chemical water treatment
  • Replacement of fluorescent lighting fixtures with LED fixtures
  • Wireless lighting control systems
  • Occupant responsive HVAC controls


Facilitating nearly 100% of vehicle purchases made by agencies throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii and generating more than $101 million in annual savings ($2,900 per vehicle) in comparison to operating costs for the same vehicles if managed by other agencies as owned assets.

Deploying Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs), electric, and low-GHG vehicles wherever possible. The following is a breakout of the current fleet by vehicle type:

  • 43% AFV - E85
  • 5% hybrid/gasoline
  • 4.5% Low-GHG
  • 1.0% Compressed natural gas (CNG), gasoline/CNG capable, electric, plug-in hybrid/gasoline

Teaming up with the Department of Energy to assess the economic viability of a hydrogen fuel cell charging station to provide power and hydrogen for fleet vehicles.


Rallying 63 agency heads, representing 240,000 federal employees, to purchase 100% post-consumer recycled paper as part of the Federal Green Challenge.


Adaptively reusing and relocating to the historic 50 United Nations Plaza, a renovated and seismically upgraded building in San Francisco’s Civic Center. This workplace transformation:

  • Reduced our space usage by 33%;
  • Increased mobility and collaboration with a fully open space plan and optimized space standards;
  • Achieved LEED® Platinum status with natural ventilation and increased daylighting;
  • Partially re-used existing furniture inventory; and
  • Field tested an Occupant Engagement Program for change management.


As per Section 10 of Executive Order 13693, GSA’s Pacific Rim Regional Administrator’s Office, the EPA’s Pacific Southwest Regional Office, and local Federal Executive Boards have assembled a regional interagency working group to yield collaborative idea sharing in sustainable operations of:

  • Federal fleet vehicles;
  • Water resource management and drought response opportunities;
  • Climate change preparedness and resilience planning in coordination with state, local, and tribal communities; and
  • Opportunities for collective procurement of clean energy to satisfy energy demand for multiple agency buildings.

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