Mariposa LPOE Design and Construction

Inspection lanes at the Mariposa Land Port of Entry

The Mariposa Land Port of Entry (LPOE) is a full-service port inspecting privately owned vehicles (POVs), pedestrians and commercial vehicles. The port was originally designed as a commercial only inspection facility, but now inspects commercial, POV and pedestrian traffic. The port site was originally a 43-acre parcel that was owned by GSA with access from Highway 189.

The Mariposa LPOE is a unique site requiring a creative construction sequencing plan. The mission of the port is to conduct business seven days a week with an overall 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. operational timeframe. The construction phasing allowed for ongoing port operations with as little impact as possible.

The port design received an award on January 20, 2011 as one of the 11 national GSA Design Excellence winners. The port was selected as a winner in the Communications category. The design of the port utilizes color and other innovative techniques that nonverbally communicate information and directions without excessive directional signage.

The general contractor was Hensel Phelps Construction Company. Thirteen of 14 firms under subcontract to Hensel Phelps were southern Arizona firms, and 58 percent of subcontracts were with small businesses.

Construction was completed in August 2014.

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