Business Opportunities - Work Space

Federal agencies within the Washington, DC area can count on GSA's National Capital Region (NCR) to support their work space needs. GSA partners with real estate industry partners (construction, brokerage and facilities management companies, A/E firms, and building owners) to translate agency needs into specific requirements and work space solutions.

Leasing Office Space to GSA

All requirements for space over 10,000 square feet are advertised in local newspapers or on FedBizOps (Federal Business Opportunities) website. Space requirements under 10,000 square feet are usually handled by a more informal canvassing of the market and contacts with potential offers. Property managers or owners interested in offering space to GSA for lease should contact NCR using the contact information provided on the upper right side of this page.

Property Owners/Agents can use GSA's online AAAP (Automated Advanced Acquisition Program) to offer building space for lease to the federal government electronically. Each solicitation for Offers to Lease Space indicates the type and amount of space needed and the conditions of the lease. The solicitation also gives detailed information on how to submit a proposal, contact name and address, and the deadline for receipt by GSA's NCR office.

Forecast of Real Estate Related Business Opportunities

Opportunities to join GSA's growing portfolio of industry partners can be found electronically by registering on FedBizOps (Federal Business Opportunities) website.

Businesses in the Washington, DC metro area can also contact the NCR Office of Small Business Utilization.

Last Reviewed: 2017-11-22