Moving, Shipping and Transportation Services

Agency Moves

Agencies moving their offices that want to self-manage their move should check out GSA's self-service solution, Schedule 48, Office Relocation, SIN 653-8. Agencies can also outsource their move, counting on GSA to handle everything. The GSA Special Services Transportation and Relocation Team provides complete relocation and related services to agencies throughout the National Capital Region. A Relocation Specialist will be assigned as your representative and coordinator throughout the duration of your relocation. The Specialist will oversee every aspect of the move from the origin to the new destination.

The GSA Relocation Specialist can plan and coordinate the following services:

  • Install equipment and system furniture at new location
  • Inventory everything included in the relocation
  • Organize move into phases as required
  • Provide government estimates
  • Order and deliver boxes or containers
  • Pack equipment and files
  • Label boxes
  • Coordinate telephones and other IT equipment transfers
  • Ensure delivery to appropriate location (floor, room number, cubicle)
  • Perform relocations at any time of day or night
  • Arrange for dedicated elevators and entrances

Federal Employee Relocation

The Employee Relocation Resource Center (ERRC) offers support services that allow agencies to give their employees a smooth transition to new work locations.

We have developed customizable procurement tools, a simplified buying process, and flexible programs that incorporate industry best practices and subject matter expertise so that agencies can select the support services that offer the best value to their employees.

We help agencies establish procurement strategies and implement the most effective and cost-efficient programs that respond to their individual cultures and philosophies.

Last Reviewed: 2020-08-21