Vehicles and Fleet Service

GSA Fleet provides safe, reliable, low cost vehicle solutions for federal agencies, eligible entities and tribal nations [PDF - 196 KB]. GSA Fleet’s suite of offerings include vehicle purchasing, vehicle leasing and short-term rentals.

Vehicle purchasing

GSA Fleet Purchasing manages the mandatory government-wide vehicle acquisition program. When you need to purchase a motor vehicle, you simply place a requisition in our online ordering tool, AutoChoice.

Vehicle leasing

GSA Fleet Leasing is an end-to-end fleet management solution that helps you reduce costs. This government-wide shared service saves taxpayer dollars by handling the overall management of its fleet vehicles - allowing agencies to focus resources on their core mission. To obtain a GSA Fleet leased vehicle, contact your local Fleet Service Representative.

Short-term rentals

GSA Fleet Short-Term Rentals offers vehicles and equipment to meet seasonal work, special events and surge requirements, as well as replacements for vehicles/equipment temporarily out-of-service for repairs and maintenance. Start renting today on WebSTR.

Fleet Electrification

GSA offers many resources for those interested in electrifying their fleets. Federal customers looking for information about zero-emission vehicles, charging station equipment, or installation services can start their journeys here.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-24