J.J. Pickle Federal Building

The J.J. "Jake" Pickle Federal Building, located in downtown Austin, Texas, was built in 1965 to satisfy the housing needs of federal agencies in Austin's Central Business District. It is an 11-story concrete structure which includes a partially below-grade ground level and a basement level comprising over 200,000 square feet. This building houses a suite of offices – the “LBJ Suite” – that were used by President Lyndon B. Johnson during his term in office.

The Pickle Federal Building is currently recognized as eligible for listing on the National Register Historic Places. The building was named for J.J. "Jake" Pickle, a United States Representative from the 10th Congressional District of Texas from 1963-1995. The building is part of a master facility that includes a large plaza and is connected by tunnel to the Homer Thornberry Building. The two-building complex makes a strong federal presence in downtown Austin and is near the State Capitol building.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-03