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The Greater Southwest Region (Region 7) Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) offers federal agencies and military partners a value-added, customized acquisition to include both project management and financial management services designed to meet their agency goals. Many federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, have limited access to contracting support which can cause delays in contract awards. AAS provides a niche service for those agencies in need of acquisition support. AAS focuses on creative yet compliant solutions for the information technology and professional services business lines.

AAS tailors our acquisition solutions to meet your specific agency needs, whether that is pre-award acquisition support or “cradle-to-grave” full spectrum acquisition lifecycle support. Our solutions cover the full range of contract types, from simplified firm-fixed-price acquisitions to labor-hour, time and materials, cost reimbursable, and cost-plus fixed fee or incentive fee arrangements.

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Our highly qualified team of Project Managers, Contracting Officers, and Contracting Officer Representatives maintain all Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) certifications. Our Acquisition Workforce brings experience of varied backgrounds from all Federal Agencies, as well as the private sector. Our diverse workforce has built an agile organization that can provide acquisition solutions to meet unique mission needs. Let R7 AAS be your force multiplier.

Additional support and information is available at Assisted Acquisition for Industry.

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To discuss your requirements, contact us today and we'll put you in touch with regional experts within the Greater Southwest Region.

Our Global Supply Special Order Program (SOP) provides complete, full-service acquisition management support to help you acquire specialty products:

  • Law Enforcement and Security Materials
  • Construction Materials
  • Fire Fighting Support Equipment
  • Disaster Relief Materials
  • Housewares and Cleaning Equipment

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Last Reviewed: 2022-08-04