Property Management Services

Our goal is to operate a world-class facility where employees are proud to work every day. We couldn’t do it without quality property managers.

With the help of our on-site operations and maintenance (O&M) crew, GSA can identify building problems before they occur and quickly correct them.

Together, GSA property management, the (O&M) crew, janitorial staff, engineers, and our customer service specialists provide customers with excellent service in the following areas:

  • Assess building issues or problems swiftly and effectively communicate them.
  • Coordinate teams to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort. This includes weekly or biweekly meeting coordination, reporting building system outages, access to customer space, after-hours work, and progress updates
  • Coordinate cleaning services beyond normal schedule when requested.
  • Create a safe, secure, and positive environment.
  • Efficiently coordinate building maintenance and repairs with O&M and customers.
  • Follow up on work-order requests submitted by our customers to ensure timely satisfaction.
  • Give customers timely updates regarding electrical, water, and other service outages and scheduled shutdowns.
  • Promptly communicate and coordinate with customers regarding any building information impacting them.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge about GSA’s buildings and building systems.
  • Quickly respond to customer complaints and provide viable solutions.

For more information, contact:
David Williams
Business Center Manager
Phone: 303-236-3394

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-22