Reimbursable Services

GSA’s Public Buildings Service provides the following services for customers via Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWAs).

  • Construction
  • Repairs and alterations
  • Small projects
  • Above-standard operations and maintenance (O&M), services, and utilities

GSA Rocky Mountain Region has implemented a standardized, national process for RWA work, which includes five steps.

  • Requirements Development
  • Cost estimate
  • RWA acceptance
  • Project/service execution
  • Completion and financial close-out

Several resources are available to our RWA customers.

  • — A website with national and regional points of contact, current RWA Form 2957, policies, FAQs, customer guides, training, and more
  • e-RETA - A customer portal/access to the RWA system of record for real-time data on your RWAs; go to for information on gaining system access
  • Regional expertise and training — The Rocky Mountain Region offers customer RWA training; just ask your GSA point of contact or the RWA manager (use the contact link at

The RWA program is required to comply with appropriations law. The three types of appropriation are Annual, Multi-Year, and No-Year. The most common appropriation is the Annual Appropriation, which must be obligated by the customer on a RWA by September 30 of the cited fiscal year. For a non-severable service, such as a construction project, GSA then has up to five years to complete the requested scope of work and bill the customer.

GSA assigns each new RWA a "type" that defines the kind of service as severable (such as cleaning, utilities) or non-severable (such as construction, repairs, alterations). Severable services are limited to a 12-month period of contract performance.

For detailed information on the various RWA "types," see the Federal Customer Guide to Reimbursable Work Authorizations [PDF - 3 MB].

For more information, contact:
Megan Murray
Phone: 303-236-2817

Last Reviewed: 2020-10-23