50 UNP Conference Center

Located on the first floor in the south corridor, the 50 UNP Conference Center comprises of three rooms: San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. Each room can accommodate guests as follows:

Name of Room Number of Attendees in Classroom Format Number of Attendees in Theater Format
San Francisco 30 50
Oakland 20 30
San Jose 15 20

The San Francisco and Oakland rooms can also be combined to accommodate 50 people in classroom format and up to 80 people in theater format.

Reserving Conference Room Space

To reserve a meeting room, contact Building Services at 415-522-2746 or by email at 50unpbuildingservices@gsa.gov. The use of this conference center shall be restricted to tenants and tenant sponsored events. Tenants can reserve conference room spaces for a period of two hours up to two weeks. Reservations can be requested up to 180 days in advance or no later than one week prior to an event. Rooms may be reserved only during normal building hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Special arrangements must be made for longer hours and there may be charges associated with use outside the normal building hours.

Cancellations should be made no later than two business days prior to the intended date of use to allow other tenants to schedule events.

Please note that priority is given to town halls, training classes, multi-day meetings, and full-day meetings. The Building Manager or Conference Center Manager reserves the right to cancel less than full day reservations one week prior to the event if there is a conflict with a higher priority event.

Using the Conference Room Space

Connections are available for on-line computer use in presentations. Users will be provided a list of audio/visual and other equipment available for use. Furnishing any equipment not listed will be the responsibility of the using agency. It is recommended the using agency inspect the space and equipment prior to the day of use.

It is important to keep these rooms clean. Any spills are to be reported to building services for immediate clean up to minimize staining. Waste receptacles are provided in the rooms and it is the responsibility of the tenant to see that all litter is cleaned up and disposed of properly.

Food is permitted in the conference rooms in conjunction with business use. These rooms are not intended for use as reception or party rooms. Any equipment or supplies required for food services such as coffee pots, coolers, plates, cups, etc., must be furnished by the user.

Wall marker boards are provided in each room along with erasable markers and erasers. It is the user's responsibility to erase the board at the end of their use of the rooms.

The user shall not rearrange the furniture in the room. Contact Building Services at 415-522-2746 if you need your room set up differently.

Conference space is also available nearby at 450 Golden Gate and at 90 7th Street.

Location Email Phone
Phillip Burton Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, 450 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102 ggfo-frontdesk@gsa.gov 415-436-7940
San Francisco Federal Building, 90 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 urbanadmin@urbanservicesgroup.com 415-625-2755
Last Reviewed: 2022-11-28