50 UNP Building Management

The Building Manager at 50 UNP is Herman Stribling. Contact him for questions about:

  • Building improvements/reimbursable services
  • Requests for items such as space modifications, additional keys, or changes to electrical or telephone outlets
  • Displays (Posting or displaying any material outside your space requires Building Manager approval)
  • Service calls pending longer than one week
  • Comments regarding building services performance

Contact the Building Service Desk at 415-522-2746 or by email at 50unpbuildingservices@gsa.gov for building-related issues such as:

  • If there are issues with the restrooms (no hot or cold water, no toilet paper, etc), or with specific areas of the building
  • Access is needed to electrical and telephone closets
  • Reserving 1st floor Conference Center Rooms - San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland
  • Reporting a lost item or checking if it was left in Lost and Found

If you have an urgent matter, please call the GSA Golden Gate Field Office at 415-436-7940.

Last Reviewed: 2022-08-11