50 UNP Mail Services

Location: Basement, Room #0544

50 UNP Official Address:
General Services Administration Federal Office Building
50 United Nations Plaza
San Francisco CA 94102-4912

Note: The United States Postal Services (USPS) Post Office is located at 450 Golden Gate Avenue.

FedEx/UPS Deliveries

Packages are delivered directly to recipient’s address in the building. Please make sure that you have the correct address information for incoming packages including a room number and a phone number in case the courier cannot locate you. If sending something to or from GSA, please include "Mailbox 9" in the address.

FedEx/UPS Drop Boxes

50 UNP has FedEx and UPS drop boxes located in the basement Postal Room #0564 across from the GSA Mail Room. Last UPS pickup is at 4:00 p.m. The FedEx pickup schedule is located on the drop box.

UPS Account Address Change

To update your UPS account address to 50 UNP, please call UPS at 1 800-877-1497 or when you are entering the "ship to" information in UPS campusship. You will also have to make sure that the "return to" and the "ship to" address reflects 50 UNP. Note: When changing the information in campusship you may have to use the drop down arrows on the address section).

Last Reviewed: 2020-05-15