R9 Emergency Management

The Pacific Rim Region has a team of highly trained emergency management professionals who are dedicated to providing an effective emergency management program. This team regularly reviews all aspects of its established contingency plans and are focused and prepared to deal with a variety of emergency and disasters under a wide range of circumstances.

In the event of an emergency, federal employees should follow their own agency’s emergency procedures, facility occupant emergency plan, and monitor media announcements to obtain disaster or emergency-related information. GSA will publish emergency information, when necessary, in the Emergency Response site.

National Response Framework

In an emergency, GSA’s Pacific Rim Region works with other agencies to support the Department of Homeland Security’s National Response Framework, which establishes a comprehensive all-hazards approach to domestic incident response. GSA, as a co-lead supporting ESF-7, provides a full array of support for logistics, acquisitions, and specified transportation needs through a range of possible conditions.

Continuity of Operations (COOP)

As security planning continues to be a national priority, it is necessary for agencies to always be prepared for the unforeseen. As part of a complete emergency plan, every agency must have an alternate site designated. The Continuity of Operations Plan is intended to ensure continuity of essential agency functions under all circumstances. Essential functions are those that enable federal agencies to provide vital services, exercise civil authority, maintain the safety and well-being of the general public, and sustain the industrial/economic base in an emergency.

A COOP facilitates the performance of an agency’s essential functions during any emergency situation that may disrupt normal operations. The COOP plan provides policy and guidance for all the agency’s personnel to ensure that critical operations continue. Agency leadership at all levels will ensure that all personnel are aware of their COOP responsibilities. More information can be found on COOP, including the designation of an alternate facility, at FEMA’s website.

Agencies occupying GSA owned and leased buildings should coordinate their alternate work site designation and COOP contact information with their agency headquarters, which will provide that to the GSA Office of Mission Assurance. Call 202-501-0012 for more information.

Regional Emergency Information Line

The Regional Emergency Information Line 866-257-4911 can be used by anyone to get the current status of the Pacific Rim Region. During an emergency event the voicemail information line will be updated to reflect status changes as required.

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-28