Downing Reservoir Project

Image of Lining at Downing Reservoir Project SiteThe Denver Federal Center (DFC) is a federal office park complete with laboratory, storage and office space. The DFC is operated by GSA and houses more than 28 different government agencies. During World War II, the DFC was the site of the Denver Ordnance Plant, a munitions manufacturing plant for the war effort. Due to the variety of prior activities on the campus and its long history, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and GSA formally agreed to investigate whether these prior activities had any detrimental or lasting impact on the environment and remediate impacts as needed.

Project Update:

The remediation phase of the Downing Reservoir Project was completed ahead of schedule last fall. What’s happening now? Image of Pipeline at Downing Reservoir Project Site

We expect complete the backfill of the pond and the pond liner with ballast in the next few weeks. Over the next few months there is going to be a lot of activity, including:

- Construction of the cast-in-place pond outlet structure
- Assembly of the groundwater treatment plant
- A pipeline connection from the reservoir to a groundwater well near the DoS Building
- Restoration of the pond and surrounding area

Gate 2 is scheduled to reopen around the end of July. GSA has awarded a contract for the renovation and repair of that area. Along with the asphalt repairs there will be two new guard shacks, curb and gutter on the south side of the road, security fence and gate enhancements, improved lighting and widening of the entry lanes to accommodate large delivery trucks and improve safety.

Alternate traffic routes until Gate 2 opens are:
Gate 1 - Exit to S. Kipling Street
Gate 4 - Exit to Union Boulevard
Gate 5 - Exit to Routt Street
Gate 7 - Exit to West Alameda Avenue

GSA is working in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on this project For more information, please download our project fact sheet.

For more project details, see the Downing Reservoir Fact Sheet [PDF - 289 KB] and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

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