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Headshot of Tom Haycraft Meet Tom Haycraft
Tom is part of Team East and works on small projects under $25,000.00. Recently, he initiated a renovation of the Building 20 lobby, which customers greatly appreciated. The project included new carpet, cove base, paint, lights, ceiling, HVAC upgrades, and generally a huge refresh. Make sure to check it out if you have some spare time! Most of the time, Tom works behind the scenes but gets to make small changes that impact the daily life of tenants.

Tom originally hails from Madelia, MN a small town with a population of 2,500 in southern Minnesota. His mother, father and younger sister all live in Mankato, MN. He does have family in CO, though: his brother’s family lives in Parker. He has a two and half year old son to take care of, which is always a challenge!

Prior to joining GSA, Tom worked for the Department of Energy where he gained a lot of experience in government contracting. After working with the Department of Energy, he was able to travel a great deal with them and ended up working, living, or passing through 37 different states.

For hobbies, Tom enjoys taking trips on his motorcycle or going fishing. He likes riding his motorcycle through Poudre Canyon just West of Fort Collins. He has gone on several road tips; when he lived in Arizona he went to Las Vegas and when he lived in North Dakota he went to Sturgis. When he has the time, he takes off in the summer to fish with friends and family in the north country of Minnesota.

Meet Ben RekoHeadshot of Ben Reko
A proud Colorado native, Ben studied construction management at Colorado State University. After his studies, he worked in the private sector, focusing on commercial buildings such as hotels and fast food chains. Following this experience, he switched over to the Bureau of Reclamation and worked on their facilities team. After 6 years, Ben returned to his main passion of field work and construction as a project manager with the General Services Administration. His favorite things about GSA are the work-life balance, the people and the actual work mission. He loves being able to actually do something and see the results in action; he gets to see the impact visually and tangibly feel it. It’s also interesting for him to look at projects from the owner’s side while having the background as a contractor.

One of his favorite projects so far is at Building 67. For years working at BOR, they complained about the light green carpet on the walls of the first floor lobby and the speckled white floor tiles. At GSA, Ben was able to become the project manager of a plan to abate and refinish the floor and remove the carpet. Now, he gets to be the one who actually did something about it! Getting to make a real difference means a lot to him.

If you’ve ever wondered where the last name “Reko” (pronounced Ree-co) comes from, it was originally Rekowski; his family hailed from Prussia long ago and changed it after a while. But, like many Americans, he embraces the “mutt” status of multiple backgrounds.

If you could lump Ben’s hobbies into a group, it would be “outdoors.” He’s an avid hunter (his biggest prize so far is a 150 inch mule deer), fisherman (his favorite spot is at his parents’ lake house in Minnesota), horseback rider (he rides Western and has two quarter horses, one palomino and one bay), hiker (his favorite spot is the Zirkel Wilderness), runner (he hates it, but it’s good for the physical and mental challenge), lifter, woodworker, archer and mountain biker.

Ben has will be celebrating nine years of marriage to his wife, Gwen, this coming June. They have a four- year old son, Luke, and a one and a half year old daughter, Reese. Ben and Gwen have a strong connection to the land. Her family has a 3,200 acre ranch in Texas, but originally her father tended to a beautiful but rough 100 square mile ranch outside Bowie, AZ.

Oddly enough, Ben describes himself as “boring,” but he’s anything but that. If you see Ben walking around, take advantage of his private sector experience or his wealth of knowledge on the Colorado outdoors!

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