EPA Building 25 Consolidation

Have you noticed the trailers in Building 25’s parking lot? The EPA is consolidating two of its laboratories to the DFC and those trailers are the initial step to this consolidation project.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently leases space from GSA for its National Enforcement Investigations Center (NEIC) at the DFC. In Golden, CO (only eight miles northwest of the DFC) EPA leases space for its Region 8 Central Regional Laboratory (R8 CRL).

In March 2012, both NEIC and Region 8 management expressed a desire to consolidate the two laboratories at the DFC. The consolidation, intended to coincide with the expiration of the R8 CRL lease in March, 2018 would save the government on rent, utilities, maintenance, personnel, and other operational expenses. Furthermore, the consolidation would support federal mandates and executive orders including those for reducing the carbon footprint and improving space utilization.

The consolidated space is comprised of 58,300 USF of laboratory and support functions and 33,300 USF of office and office support space. About 50% of the laboratory functions will be shared between the two organizations in the agreed upon conceptual plan. The $18 Million total project cost will reduce EPA’s footprint by 34,500 USF and save the government over $2.5 Million in rent annually, as well as over $300,000 in annual utility savings.

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