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In the fall of 2014, GSA dedicated its first exterior sculpture at the 624-acre Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Colo., by internationally recognized artist Andrea Zittel (non-goverment website). This is the first work of art by Zittel in Colorado.

The art was commissioned through GSA’s Art in Architecture Program, which allocates one-half of one percent of the budget for new construction or major modernization projects for art. The public can view and interact with the sculpture weekdays from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Visit the Denver Federal Center page for more details. A short video about the art is available below.

The sculpture consists of eight identical "platform pavilions" that are 12 feet by 16 feet in size. Each pavilion consists of both vertical and horizontal panels, forming an area that evokes an open room, and a wooden surface that suggests a wrap-around deck. Zittel's group of structures functions as both abstract sculpture as well as a flexible, modular environment that can be used in various ways, including casual social gatherings or places to sit, relax and view the surrounding landscape. The structures make subtle references to architecture, and provide opportunities for both privacy and social engagement.

Andrea Zittel was selected through GSA’s Art In Architecture program. The selection panel was looking for a unique approach to creating social spaces. They wanted an artist who could help activate and engage the campus, its employees and patrons in a new and artistic way. While Zittel is not a local artist, she used local businesses for purchasing materials, such as the concrete, wood, and metal.

Art photos are available in this album: Interactive Art by Andrea Zittel at the Denver Federal Center

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