New Pedestrian Bridges

New pedestrian bridge at the Denver Federal CenterPedestrian bridges have been installed and are ready for use. We selected a style and finish that would coordinate both with the feel of the DFC, as well as the 6th Avenue Light Rail Bridge that is visible from much of the DFC. The finish of the bridges is a naturally rusting, or weathering steel, that will develop a protective patina over time. Not only is the finish aesthetically pleasing, but it is also maintenance free.

The decks of the bridges are made with ipe, which is a sustainably harvested hardwood from South America. Ipe has a Janka rating, which is a measure of wood hardness, of 3684. Comparatively, white pine has a Janka rating of 480 and Hickory has a rating of 1800. Ipe is also extremely resistant to rot, as well as UV rays. The useful life of the bridge decks is expected to exceed 50 years.

The abutments for the bridges utilized drilled piers, or concrete pylons, that extend 30 feet below grade. This allowed us to minimize the footprint of the abutments so that they wouldn't detract from the appearance of the bridges. The drilled piers will also result in abutments that should last for many decades. The increase in cost to use drilled piers was minimal when compared with how much it extended the useful life of the bridges as a whole.

As part of this project, we will also be installing new vehicular guard rails on Center and Main Avenues. We expect those to be installed sometime in the next 3-6 weeks.

The project team greatly appreciates the patience and cooperation of everyone that was inconvenienced by road or parking lot closures during this project.

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