Recycling & Composting

Coming May 1, 2015, you will discover an all new recycling and composting program available in select buildings on the Denver Federal Center! GSA will be adding single stream and organic waste collection services for the following buildings:

  • Building 25
  • Building 41
  • Building 50
  • Building 53 - DOL space
  • Building 67
  • Building 810

Single stream bins will accommodate all glass, plastic and metal food containers as well as plastic drink cup containers and straws. And compost bins will accept any material that was once alive — this includes shredded paper, food waste, wax lined paper cups, paper coffee cups, pizza boxes, donut boxes, compostable tableware and paper plates. Bathrooms will also be equipped with compost bins for all paper towel waste.

Having these new services available on campus will enable us to limit how much waste we are sending to the landfill. Be a part of this exciting shift towards a more sustainable workplace!

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Going Green: The DFC is committed to becoming one of the most sustainable campus in the United States by the year 2020. To do this, we are working on a variety of projects that allow us to be more eco-friendly. For a list of projects we’ve accomplished and are working on, download the Greening a Federal Campus Brochure . [PDF - 1 MB] For more information about our sustainable campus transportation, view this short video.

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