Vehicles and Fleet Service

Federal agencies have been provided with quality vehicles and cost effective fleet management services by GSA Fleet since 1954. We proudly support over 75 federal agencies.

Participating federal agencies are served on a cost reimbursable basis which makes it possible to offer this diverse fleet at all-inclusive rates that are second to none. Agencies interested in obtaining a GSA Fleet vehicle should contact the local Fleet Management Center (FMC), using the contact information provided on the upper right.

Agencies are responsible for safeguarding their GSA Fleet Service card(s) at all times. Sending credit cards using trackable mail will help prevent against lost credit cards and fraudulent card activity.

Short Term Heavy Equipment Rental

The Short Term Rental (STR) program now offers equipment rentals!

The GSA Fleet STR program temporarily supplies current GSA Fleet leasing customers with vehicles and equipment to supplement fleet needs. GSA handles all procurement requirements to quickly provide you with the resources you need to complete your mission.

The STR program can provide the right vehicles and equipment for seasonal work, special events, surge requirements, and replacement for out of service vehicles and equipment; helping you to accomplish your agency mission. This program may not be used for personal travel (TDY) purposes.

For more information or to make a STR request, please link to the Fleet Short Term Rental (STR) website.

The Short Term Heavy Equipment Rental program is spotlighted on the Region 4 Federal Acquisition Service Total Support Initiative video, August 2013.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs)

If your agency requires an Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV), GSA Fleet offers a wide variety of AFVs to assist in meeting federal agencies acquisition needs. Since 1991, GSA has purchased over 143,000 of these vehicles for its customers, making GSA Fleet the second largest AFV fleet in the United States. Currently, GSA Fleet has over 80,000 AFVs in its inventory.

You may use the WEX Card E85 Stations spreadsheet below to find nationwide, Department of Energy Alternative Fuel Stations that currently accept the Fleet Services Card. You may also locate Alternative Fuel Stations nationwide by searching Alternative Fuel Station Locator.


GSA’s Office of Motor Vehicle Management introduced plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) into the federal fleet by initiating a 116 vehicle pilot in 2011. This pilot represented a significant step in the federal fleet’s integration of electric vehicles. This pilot introduced agencies to a vehicle option that has the potential to drastically reduce petroleum imports and harmful greenhouse gas emissions. GSA is expanding the plug-in electric vehicle pilot in 2013 to purchase another 200 vehicles to introduce electric sedans in additional locations and with other federal agencies.

Region 4 is scheduled to participate in phase II of GSA Fleet's PEV pilot program that was initially launched in January 2012. We will be receiving approximately 40 PEVs of various makes / models to be distributed to several customer agencies around the Southeast Sunbelt region. If you have questions regarding PEVs, please contact your local Fleet Service Representative (FSR).

Fleet Management Center (FMC)

Agencies interested in obtaining a GSA Fleet vehicle should contact the local FMC, using the contact information provided on the upper right.

Accident Management Center (AMC)

Agencies can count on GSA's AMC to provide accident management support. GSA's Southeast Sunbelt AMC is in Riverdale, Georgia.

Customers can reach the AMC at (866) 400-0411 from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. EST. For emergencies and after hours support call Wright Express at (800) 621-3588. Roadside Assistance may also be available.

Drivers are responsible for reporting mishaps to the AMC promptly. Submit the SF91 (.pdf file) Motor Vehicle Accident Report, within five business days after the time of the crash (or next business day). Please fax it to the AMC-ATL at (855) 511-9159 or e-mail

Maintenance Control Center (MCC) and Maintenance Programs

Agencies can count on GSA to provide quick and efficient fleet maintenance support. GSA's Southeast Sunbelt Maintenance Control Center is Riverdale, Georgia. Technicians there provide assistance to customers with vehicle repair and maintenance.

For authorization of unscheduled repairs or service over $100 or for any tire and battery replacement regardless of cost, please call the MCC at (866) 400-0411 from 7 a.m.- 8 p.m. EST. For assistance after-hours, or during emergencies, call (800) 621-3588.

Automated Programs to Maintain your GSA Vehicle

Agencies can access their billing information online, generate reports, and download billing information into Excel spreadsheets through Web Bill.

Fleet Drive-Thru has four electronic methods for reporting mileage:

  • GSA Mileage Express,
  • Dial-A-Mile (report miles over the telephone),
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP),
  • Get Odometer Readings at the Pump (GORP) - GSA Fleet uses the monthly odometer reading from your last Wright Express fuel purchase and sends the mileage electronically to our Fleet system. This timesaving program eliminates manual mileage entries to the Mileage Express or Dial-a-Mile. If you would like to begin using GORP please call your Fleet Service Representative.

Vehicle Sales

Agencies that prefer to purchase a new vehicle, including Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs), can do so through GSA Auto Choice.

The public can purchase used fleet vehicles through GSA Auto Auctions, and other vehicles are available through GSA Auctions. Five auction houses located within the Southeast Sunbelt Region are ready to sell you a previously owned GSA Fleet vehicle! Search a specific auction by vehicle type, make, model, year, and color.

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