Key Staff in the Greater Southwest Region

The Greater Southwest Region is located at 819 Taylor Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. GSA employees' phone numbers and email addresses can be obtained by visiting GSA's contacts page.

Title Contact Information
Acting Regional Administrator George Prochaska
(817) 850-8223
Acting Senior Advisor to the Regional Administrator Andrew Blaylock
(202) 969-7189
Regional Commissioner
Federal Acquisition Service
George Prochaska
(817) 850-8223
Acting Regional Commissioner
Public Buildings Service

James Ferracci
(817) 978-2522

Regional Counsel Lee Crook
(817) 978-2391
Director, Small Business Utilization Albert Garza
(817) 978-2828
Public Affairs Officer Tina Jaegerman
(817) 978-2031
Director, Human Resources Cheryl Zimmerman
(303) 236-7153

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