Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse

The Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse is located on 3.5 acres in downtown Corpus Christi. It was completed in early 2001. Located at 1133 North Shoreline Boulevard in Corpus Christi, it is bordered by Shoreline Boulevard to the east, Interstate Highway 37 to the south, the dedicated Sister City's park to the west and limited parking to the north.

From its front steps, the Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse commands a breathtaking view of Corpus Christi Bay, and is regarded as a monumental building in a prominent location in the city. The three-story building houses five courtrooms and contains approximately 149,000 of rentable square feet of space.

The building is made of Texas Shell Limestone and plaster veneer exterior. The building has a red clay tile roof, which displays a complete perimeter band of red clay tile with four mezzanine corners supporting HVAC equipment. This type of roof is typical of the region. The overall architectural style is characterized as traditional, with deeply recessed windows, arches, and pilasters. The green character of the windows is symbolic of the Costal Bend and reflective of the Corpus Christi bay.

Last Reviewed: 2021-03-16