Vehicles and Fleet Service

The Greater Southwest Region provides quality vehicles and other fleet management services for low prices and economical rates. GSA Fleet provides federal customers with vehicle acquisition, asset management, maintenance and repair, fuel, accident management, and vehicle remarketing. GSA Fleet relieves participating federal customer agencies of many administrative, management and functional tasks, allowing agencies to focus valuable resources on the performance of their core mission.

Participating federal agencies are served on a cost reimbursable basis which makes it possible to offer this diverse fleet at all-inclusive rates that are second to none.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs)

If your agency requires an Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV), GSA Fleet offers a wide variety of AFVs to meet federal agencies needs. The GSA AFV fleet is the second largest in the United States.

You may locate Alternative Fuel Stations nationwide by searching Alternative Fuel Station Locator [a nongovernment website].

Fleet Management Center (FMC)

Agencies interested in obtaining a GSA Fleet vehicle should contact the local Fleet Management Center (FMC). To begin leasing vehicles from GSA, please visit GSA's Office of Fleet Management to learn more about how GSA can accommodate agency needs.

Accident Management Center (AMC)

Agencies can count on GSA's National Accident Management Center (AMC) to provide accident management support. Customers can reach the AMC at 866-400-0411 for accident support from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. EST. After hours emergency please call Voyager at 800-621-3588. Roadside Assistance is also available.

Maintenance Control Center (MCC)

For authorization of unscheduled repairs or service over $100 or for any tire and battery replacement regardless of cost, please call the MCC at 866-400-0411 from 7:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. EST. For assistance after-hour, or during emergencies, call 800-621-3588. Agencies can count on GSA to provide quick and efficient fleet maintenance support.

Customer agencies can submit monthly mileages electronically, generate vehicle inventory reports, access billing information, enter accounting classifications that make bill paying easy, and monitor and track the accident activity of their GSA Fleet vehicles. For more information, please visit the Fleet Drive-Thru.

Agencies are responsible for safeguarding their GSA Fleet Service card(s) at all times. Sending credit cards using trackable mail will help prevent against lost credit cards and fraudulent card activity.

Vehicle Sales

Agencies that prefer to purchase a vehicle, including Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs), can do so through GSA AutoChoice.

The public can purchase used government fleet vehicles through GSA AutoAuctions, and buy vehicles and other items from GSA Auctions.

Short Term Heavy Equipment Rental

The Short Term Rental (STR) program now offers equipment rentals!

The GSA Fleet STR program temporarily supplies current GSA Fleet leasing customers with vehicles and equipment to supplement fleet needs. GSA handles all procurement requirements to quickly provide you with the resources you need to complete your mission.

The STR program can provide the right vehicles and equipment for seasonal work, special events, surge requirements, and replacement for out of service vehicles and equipment; helping you to accomplish your agency mission. This program may not be used for personal travel (TDY) purposes.

For more information or to make a STR request, please link to the Fleet Short Term Rental (STR) website.

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