GSA's Transition Team Prepares New San Antonio Courthouse for Occupancy

July 14, 2021

Transition Team with GSA Enablement Banner

Currently, GSA is in the final months of construction for the new federal courthouse in San Antonio, Texas. The U.S Courts and related agencies will be moving in the Summer of 2022. In preparation for the relocation, GSA’s transition team visited the site in June to begin moving building systems and components from the construction contractor to GSA’s full maintenance contractor. Once GSA accepts the completed courthouse, all systems will be turned over to GSA who will in turn assign it to the new courthouse tenants while maintaining control of building operations and maintenance.

The transition work focuses on everything from building chillers and landscaping to concessions and custodial. The team's responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Establishing a Local Area Network
  • Verify building equipment is being maintained with appropriate documentation
  • Attend all building system inspections and transfer findings to the Contracting Officer’s Representative for construction
  • Attend all systems commissioning and testing
  • Develop a Building Operations Plan for the new facility
  • Link new facility with the National Computerized Maintenance Management System (NCMMS)
  • Develop Preventative Maintenance schedules to include warranty requirements and manufacturer’s requirements
  • Build a repository of warranty, equipment manuals, etc.
  • Attend all building systems training and prepare to transfer that knowledge to the new Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contract when awarded
  • Partner with the new O&M contractor to ensure building tenants are satisfied with their new space.

The value of GSA’s work is in providing space that allows federal agencies, like the U.S. Courts, to perform their stated missions. Prospectus projects for new construction like the San Antonio Courthouse take years in the making. When we send in the Transition Teams, we know we’ve almost crossed the finish line in delivering space for our tenants that will support their mission for years to come.

Visit the New San Antonio Federal Courthouse to learn more.

Last Reviewed: 2021-07-19