Sustainability in the Heartland

In response to Executive Order 13514 [PDF - 78 KB] and the creation of GSA’s Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan, GSA’s Heartland Region is working to improve performance in its federal building and automotive fleet inventories, integrate sustainable decision-making into its business processes, and educate federal employees and the public about sustainable behaviors.

The Heartland has robust programs dedicated to exceeding federal sustainability targets in waste diversion and food waste composting; green procurement; electronic stewardship; and water and energy conservation. Contact the GSA Heartland Region to obtain sustainability services or learn more about program offerings.

Cutting costs and space
GSA is reducing the amount of space the federal government owns and operates to save money and reduce its environmental footprint. Through innovative and sustainable workplace strategies, GSA is working to cut space by 40 percent and save taxpayer dollars used for utilities, maintenance and a host of other operating expenses.

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Last Reviewed: 2019-10-30