Art in Architecture Program

President Kennedy’s Ad Hoc Committee for Federal Architecture of 1963 recommended that “where appropriate, fine art should be incorporated in the designs of federal buildings with emphasis on the work of living American artists.”

The process of commissioning art in federal buildings is a collaboration between GSA and the architect of the building, art professionals and community advisors. For new federal buildings or those requiring major renovation, the architect is required to consider the incorporation of artwork into the projects as part of the overall architectural design service. GSA works with national, state and local art organizations during the selection process.

Those interested in learning more about GSA’s Fine Arts Collection, including policy, examples and artworks from the Works Progress Administration should browse GSA's Fine Arts Program pages.

Artists interested in being considered for Art in Architecture commissions may apply to have their names placed on a registry, which review panels use when selecting artists for each new project. Artists may send their registration requests to:

Art in Architecture Program
Office of the Chief Architect
Public Buildings Service
U.S. General Services Administration
1800 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20405

For more information or help, contact Sylvia Augustus at

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-30