2306-2312 E. Bannister Road

Entrance to 2306 E. Bannister Road in Kansas City, Missouri.

After transferring ownership of most of the former Bannister Federal Complex to a private developer in 2017, GSA retained the building and surrounding grounds directly east of the World War II-era manufacturing facility.

The building, which shares the addresses 2306 and 2312 E. Bannister Road, includes both office and warehouse space. The primary tenant is the U.S. Marine Corps.

The property is 12 miles south of downtown Kansas City, situated in a small river valley and bordered by railroad tracks on the west, a wooded bluff and wildlife refuge on the north side, the Blue River on the east and Bannister Road on the south.

With the exception of the Kansas City South Field Office, GSA offices housed at the complex were relocated to 2300 Main Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Department of Energy's Kansas City Plant is now located at the new National Security Campus.

Environmental activities

GSA operates the 2306-2312 Bannister facility under Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Facility Permit Number MO4, dated July 14, 2017. This permit requires GSA to complete long-term groundwater monitoring, conduct corrective action investigations, and remediation activities, if needed, at legacy solid waste management units and/or areas of concern exterior to the building.

GSA permit activities at the facility include, but may not be limited to:

  • Excavation soil management plans when soils are to be disturbed.
  • Annual and semi-annual groundwater sampling.
  • Chlorinated investigation (southeast of the building).
  • Petroleum investigation (west of building).
  • Former landfill addressed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under the formerly used defense sites program (south of parking lot).

Missouri Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are the regulatory agencies that oversee permit activities. More information is available at:

For more information on environmental testing, email GSA at R6environment@gsa.gov.

Last Reviewed: 2021-09-24