Former Hardesty Federal Complex

A two-story brick building with covered windows.

Overview of the project

GSA and partners are working on a project to appropriately address environmental contamination at the former federal complex on the southeast corner of Independence and Hardesty Avenues in Kansas City, Missouri. During World War II, the complex was a U.S. Army Depot that stored military supplies and chemically treated soldiers’ clothing. Over time, chemicals — including fuel and Trichloroethylene (TCE) — leaked into the soil and groundwater. GSA has studied the affected areas for several years. The property was sold to Hardesty Renaissance Economic Development Corporation in 2011, but GSA agreed to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater at the site under a specific U.S. Environmental Protection Agency process.

Update on the cleanup process

In Fiscal Year 2019, GSA received approval to spend $3 million to begin the steps to clean up the site. GSA is seeking an additional $28.5 million to fund the remaining phases of the cleanup process. Beginning in spring of 2021, GSA and partners plan to begin tearing down Building 6, because GSA needs to address contamination beneath it. GSA will adjust the timeline for cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater and switching to long-term monitoring when funding for remaining phases is assured.

An aerial view of a residential neighborhood with a red arrow pointing to a building.

Work in the neighborhood

In a few months, you can expect to see workers tearing down Building 6, a two-story warehouse building south of the intersection of Independence and Oakley Avenues. If you need to report any concerns, email or text or call 816-223-6198.

To learn more or share feedback

Visit the Missouri Department of Natural Resources page on the Hardesty Federal Complex. We want our information to be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities or with limited English proficiency. If you find difficulty accessing any of our information, please contact us to receive translated versions or request an alternative format. Email or call or text 816-223-6198.

Fact sheets

Vapor Intrusion
Trichloroethylene [PDF - 871 KB]
CERCLA Clean-Up Process [PDF - 275 KB]

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