For Robert V. Denney Building Tenants

Denney Building Tenants: this site's for you!

Please use this site to stay informed about general building information, events and other information to make your workplace better and safer.

Have a problem? Need something repaired? Use the online building service request form. If it's an emergency, refer to the Important Numbers on this page.

What's New

Over the next few weeks, the building's lobby and external lighting is being replaced with LED lights and fixtures. Look forward to seeing things in a new light.


The Denney Federal Building offers many amenities to its tenants, including:

Building Stats

Great Job, Everyone!

Energy Consumption is down 26.9% from 2003 baseline

Water Usage is down 55% from 2007 baseline


The Federal Protective Service (FPS), provides perimeter security of the Denney Building.

In the case of a security emergency call the Battle Creek Mega Center (BCMC): 1-877-437-7411

The US Marshals Service conducts screening services for the U.S. Courthouse and Denney Building admittance. Tenant Contact:
William Iverson
Room 552
Phone: 402-742-7021


Last Reviewed: 2018-06-21