Robert V. Denney Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

A five-story beige building with darker windows on all sides.
Robert V. Denney Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

100 Centennial Mall North
Lincoln, NE 68508

The Robert V. Denney Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse is a modern, five-story steel structure in Lincoln, Nebraska. The building is named after the late U.S. District Court judge and U.S. House of Representatives member.

Built in 1974, the building is structured to accommodate almost any space need that a tenant requires. It provides 300,000 square feet of office space in the highly visible and trafficked Central Business District of downtown Lincoln.


The main entrance is on the west side on Centennial Mall. Entrants must show a valid photo ID and clear airport-style security.

Art in Architecture

Prisms by Charles Ross

Located in the central lobby area is Charles Ross' sculpture Origin of Color created in 1976. The work was commissioned through GSA's Art in Architecture Program. The 27 prisms that make up the work are acrylic with mineral oil; each is 1 by 1 by 9 feet.

General Information

Property Management

James Small, supervisory building manager
Steven Hicks, building manager

Building Management Office

Nebraska Field Office

Primary Tenants

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. District Courts
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court
  • U.S. Court of Appeals
  • U.S. Attorneys Office
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Social Security Administration
  • Department of Transportation

Helpful links


A map of garages and lots in the downtown area is available on Downtown Lincoln Association's website.

Public Transportation

The StarTran public transit system provides surface transit within 2 to 3 blocks of the Denney Building. Check routes and schedules.

Looking for office space downtown?

There is currently around 9,000 square feet of vacant office space. Prospective tenants should contact GSA Realty Specialist Kristin Conway, 816-823-1683, for more information.

If you have a problem or need something repaired, use our online submission to request building services.

Quick-reference phone numbers
GSA building management 402-437-5424
Conference room reservations 402-221-4725
On-site maintenance 402-438-0412
On-site custodial services 402-475-9142
LincPass office 402-437-5499



Employee paid parking is arranged through the Lincoln Federal Employee Parking Association. Contact LFEPA Secretary Cheryl Dietrich at 402-437-5773 or for more information and current rates. For parking options in downtown Lincoln, visit Lincoln's Park and Go.

Child Care

The child care center is operated by Bright Horizons Family Solutions. Contact Tammi Brenn at 402-437-5757 or

The Robert V. Denney Child Development Center offers a National Association for the Education of Young Children-accredited child care program. The on-site early childhood program emphasizes high-quality staff and parent and child interactions in a physical environment designed to the highest-quality safety and security requirements.

Fitness Center

Tenant agency federal employees can join the fitness center for $17 per month, which includes:

  • Access to fitness classes
  • Stationary weight machines and free weights
  • Cardio equipment
  • Locker rooms with showers

The fitness center is located in the basement, Rooms B-80 and B-86. You can pay membership fees electronically if you have an account at the Lincoln USDA Federal Credit Union. Contact Ann Bauermeister at 402-437-5392 Ext. 140 or for more.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are available on the 3rd floor, Room 354, and in the basement, B52.

Health Services

The Federal Occupational Health Unit is available to participating federal agencies. The health unit is in Room 249 and hours are Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m. Services include: clinical services with first aid and emergency response, physical exams, immunizations, cholesterol testing, lactation support and other health screenings. Contact the FOH Unit at 402-437-5577 for services your agency covers.

Credit Union

Lincoln USDA Federal Credit Union is located in Room 313. Membership is open to all. Contact them at 402-474-0097 or

Mail Room and Delivery Services

The U.S. Postal Service mail room is located within the north loading dock (Room 177).

The USPS assigns each tenant agency a key and mailbox and mail is delivered and picked up by noon Monday–Friday.

There is an additional USPS drop box in the main lobby, from which mail is collected daily around 4:30 p.m.

UPS and FedEx

A drop box for UPS and FedEx packages is under the stairs in the main lobby. Packages are picked up daily around 4 p.m.

IMPORTANT: If your package does not fit inside the drop box, you will need to arrange for the carrier to pick up the package from your office. Do not leave unattended packages outside the drop box.

Security and Safety

Federal Protective Service provides security services for the building. FPS provides perimeter security, and you can report security concerns by calling the Battle Creek Mega Center at 1-877-437-7411. FPS personnel are trained to handle risk assessment, security and surveillance support, and safety education.

The U.S. Marshals Service provides security for the U.S. Courts and entrance screening. Contact the USMS office by calling 402-742-7021.

Building Access

The east entrance on 16th Street is accessible for employees with a Personal Identity Verification card. The main entrance is on the west side on Centennial Mall. Entrants must show a valid photo ID and clear airport-style security.

After-Hours Access

Employees can access the building after hours at either entrance if their PIV card is programmed for after-hours access [PDF - 205 KB].

Building Keys

If you plan to re-key your space, or for other help with locks, keys and access to your space, contact GSA Property Management at 402-437-5424.

Last Reviewed: 2021-11-09