Heartland Emergency Management

In an emergency, the Heartland Region has a staff of trained personnel who are dedicated to providing an effective emergency management program for GSA and other agencies within the region. These people provide a wide array of services in emergencies so the federal government can continue to operate with minimal interruption.

Frequently, GSA personnel work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to start recovery work immediately following a disaster. GSA personnel provide such services as managing GSA's Continuity of Operations Plan program, providing assistance during a pandemic event, and logistics assistance (Emergency Support Function #7) to FEMA and other agencies. GSA services to other agencies are provided under the provisions of the National Response Framework.

GSA is just one partner on a larger team that works during disasters. Please visit the following sites for additional information:

In the event of an emergency, federal employees should follow their own agency's emergency procedures and monitor media announcements to obtain disaster or emergency-related information. GSA will publish emergency information to GSA's Emergency Response page and other pages when necessary. These pages include:

GSA does have a role in determining if weather and conditions allow for federal buildings to open. Other agencies that are involved in these decisions include the Office of Personnel Management and the facility's tenant agencies.

The shortcut to this page is gsa.gov/heartlandcoop.

Last Reviewed: 2019-06-07