Customer and Stakeholder Engagement

The GSA Mid-Atlantic Region provides federal customers with the products, services and programs to meet their supply, service, procurement, vehicle purchasing and leasing, travel and transportation, and personal property management requirements.

Customer Service Directors (CSD)

The Mid-Atlantic Region CSDs are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and assistance to our customers, helping organizations meet their mission needs and requirements. You can contact the CSDs for your geographical area as listed below.

The Mid-Atlantic Region is based in Philadelphia. Supplies and Services are provided to the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, as well as Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

State Contact/Email Phone Agency
Virginia Donya Drewitt 404-215-8638 VA, Commerce, Army DHS, NAV FAC Avionics, DLA Maritime
Virginia Derek Kahn 757-274-2338 DHS, DoD, Army, NSWC, Air Force, NASA
Virginia Kathleen Carroll 202-441-9552 All Navy
Virginia Lanelle Chisolm 240-229-5707 VA in Fredericksburg, Virginia
Maryland Lanelle Chisolm 240-229-5707 SSA, VA, HHS, DHS, Army
Maryland Brad Forrestel 484-832-6948 APG, DoD
Maryland Kathleen Carroll 202-441-9552 All Navy
Maryland Caitlin Zaslow 215-528-9861 Army, Ft. Detrick
Pennsylvania Caitlin Zaslow 215-528-9861 Army, Tobyhanna, Army COE Philadelphia, PA
Pennsylvania Darrin Barber 412-576-8082 DOJ, OPM, VA Pittsburgh, PA
Pennsylvania Kathleen Carroll 202-441-9552 All Navy
Pennsylvania Sue Davaro 215-219-0637 DHS, DoD, HUD, VA, EPA, DOI, OPM Phila., PA
Delaware Sue Davaro 215-219-0637 Air Force
West Virginia Darrin Barber 412-576-8082 Treasury, DOJ, DHS, Energy
Europe, Africa, and the Middle East Ryan Smith Commercial:(49) 69 7535 7850
DSN: 314-337-9000
All Activities
Europe, Africa, and the Middle East Ashley Dunklebarger Commercial: (49) 69 7535 7850
DSN: 314-337-9000
All Activities
Europe, Africa, and the Middle East PG Price Commercial: (49) 69 7535 7850
DSN: 314-337-9000
All Activities

To access over 4 million supplies and services, take advantage of GSA's e-Tools:

  • GSAAdvantage!® is GSA's premier online shopping site, making the federal buying process faster and easier. Advantage puts the power of Internet-based purchasing right on your computer.
  • e-Buy is our enhanced, no-cost acquisition tool that lets you post RFQs quickly and easily, and receive quotes right at your desktop. Save time and money by powering up today with e-acquisition in action!
  • Schedules e-Library is your 24/7 online source for complete Multiple Award Schedules information. With this fast and easy way to make federal acquisitions, both buyer and sellers gain access to powerful tools--more comprehensive searches, improved contractor find features, and new category listings.
  • GSA Global Supply makes tens of thousands of supplies and tools available for delivery anywhere you find government at work. Convenient payment options and direct billing to your government account are available.

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-10