GSA Achieves 20% Lease Savings for FMCS

GSA recently successfully negotiated a lease renewal and expansion for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) in Portsmouth, Virginia. GSA was able to procure this mission critical lease on schedule and within the FMCS budget--at a significant savings over their previous rent.

FMCS contacted GSA with their space needs, including expansion requirements, in advance of the lease expiration of their Portsmouth office. GSA and FMCS collaborated to develop a plan for procuring their new lease using the Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP). GSA kept the FMCS project partners informed at every milestone and ensured they were comfortable with the AAAP process.

Our regular Focus readers have seen us report on a lot of lease projects that make use of the AAAP online procurement platform as we continue to make the most of this program and technology. It continues to be a great tool to allow our leasing experts to achieve significant lease cost and schedule savings.

The project team’s expertise and negotiation skills, enhanced by the use of AAAP, allowed GSA to acquire the mission critical lease space for FMCS at approximately 17 percent below market rate, saving FMCS approximately 20 percent of their previous rent.

Cynthia D. Washington, Director, Office of Procurement and Operational Support and Head of Contracting Activity, who manages and oversees FMCS’s lease portfolio in 48 offices throughout the country stated, “This is a tremendous savings to FMCS!...this project was by far one of my best experiences. I can’t thank you enough for making this process seemingly effortless on our part."

This is another example of the great results in cost savings and GSA-client collaboration we can achieve through the use of AAAP.

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