Social Security Administration recognizes R3 employees with Regional Commissioner Award

Laurie Ney, Dale Anderson and Pedro Viera.
Laurie Ney, Dale Anderson and Pedro Viera.

Social Security Administration's Philadelphia Region Deputy Director for Materiel Resources Bill Kengeter recognized R3 GSA’s Dale Anderson, Laurie Ney and Pedro Viera as SSA Regional Commissioner Award recipients in the Philadelphia Region Group Achievement Award category. The award is for their work on the GSA Support Team representing an extended region-wide group at GSA supporting SSA clients.

The GSA Support Team includes teams of project managers, leasing specialists, lease contracting officers, lease administration managers, construction representatives, engineers, asset managers and interior designers who have managed projects in over 140 leased buildings covering 1.7 million square feet.

Anderson, Ney and Viera worked with the SSA team to prioritize projects, troubleshoot challenges, maintain project progress during the pandemic and strategically plan for future years. They facilitated high level interactions between SSA partners and GSA project teams, maintained open communication lines with other internal and external stakeholders and managed actions related to SSA’s full reentry such as ensuring offices followed all CDC cleaning standards.

“As a token of our appreciation, the agency has selected the GSA Support Team as recipients of one of our FY21 Regional Commissioner Awards,” wrote Kengeter. “We truly do appreciate our partnership and ability to work collectively and wanted to formally document our sincerest thanks for the support GSA provided on our space actions, facility issues and addressing all of our pandemic related initiatives like hand sanitizer storage and Roxbury window installations.”

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Last Reviewed: 2022-06-21