Directory of Services

Federal Acquisitions Services (FAS)

Role Name Email Telephone
Regional Commissioner Houston Taylor 202-708-6100
Deputy Regional Commissioner Darrick Early 202-690-9420
Deputy Director: Assisted Acquisition Services Division Lakita Ayers 202-401-9420
Director: Personal Property Management Division Denise Webster 703-965-9598
Director: Customer Accounts and Research Division Tonya Butler 703-605-9235

Staff Offices

Role Name Email Telephone
Director: Office of the Chief People Officer Jacqueline J. Clay 202-208-4793
Director: Small Business Utilization Office Judith Stackhouse - Jordan 202-708-5804
Director: Student and Recent Graduate Employment Opportunities Tersita Green 202-708-5337
Director: University for People Sallie Lucas 202-708-4949

Office of the Regional Counsel

Role Name E-mail Telephone
Director: Regional Counsel Edith Toms 202-708-4878
General Attorney: Technology Maria Bellizzi 202-708-9880
General Attorney: Property Development Robert Schlattman 202-708-5810
General Attorney: Real Property Disposal Stephen Schwartz 202-708-5905

Public Buildings Service (PBS)

Role Name E-mail Telephone
Regional Commissioner Mary Gibert 202-538-4412
Director: Office of Facilities Management Tim Turano 202-395-3675
Director: DC Service Center Mary Costa 202-205-2345
Director: Metropolitan Service Center Lisa Binckes 202-708-3828
Director: Potomac Service Center Shauna Carter 202-708-6573
Director: Triangle Service Center Calvin Myint 202-708-8480
Director: White House Service Center Alan Zawatsky 202-606-0765
Director: Office of Design and Construction Shapour Ebadi 202-561-7847
Acting Director: Office of Acquisition Kathy Geisler 202-708-9835
Director: Office of Planning and Design Quality Mina Wright 202-401-4522
Director: Office of Portfolio Management Ivan Swain 202-708-5334
Acting Director: Office of Leasing Claire Fortune 202-208-4128

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