Historic Preservation Program

The National Capital Region's real estate inventory consists of over 70 historic structures that are important due to their architectural and historical significance, with an associated fine arts collection of over 325 works.

NCR’s historic preservation office provides technical, planning, and strategic expertise to promote the viability, reuse, and architectural integrity of historic buildings owned leased, or acquired by GSA. We provide regulatory guidance for compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

The basic principles of this program are:

  • Encourage a spirit of stewardship and trusteeship for future generations;
  • Preserve, restore. rehabilitate, and maintain federally owned sites, structures and objects of historical, architectural or archeological significance;
  • Contribute to the preservation and enhancement of non-federally owned sites, structures and objects of historical, significance;
  • Initiate procedures to promote the continued viability of historic properties
  • Nominate qualifying GSA properties for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Within GSA, Section 106 is managed by the Regional Historic Preservation Officer (RHPO). Regulations issued by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) guide the Section 106 review process, specifying actions federal agencies must take to meet their legal obligations. The regulations are published in the Code of Federal Regulations at 36 CFR Part 800, “Protecting Historic Properties”.

Developed to foster exchange of best preservation practices,the six-volume Preservation Desk Guide is a comprehensive collection of sample documents, reference materials and guidance organized by GSA business-line activity. It covers nearly every agency action affecting historic buildings.

Last Reviewed: 2018-05-08